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About us

With 5 offices throughout Austria, the independent NEXIA TU Wirtschaftsprüfung GmbH offers to conduct voluntary as well as obligatory audits. As modern auditors, we do not only cast an eye on the compliance of the accounting when conducting audits. In line with our risk oriented audit approach, we are also interested in your company’s economic situation, potential risks and future developments. As auditors of numerous medium-sized enterprises, we know what your accounting is capable of and what it can do for you and always aim to increase your company’s added value.

Apart from various commercial and industrial enterprises, we also do audits for renowned NGOs & associations. Besides the traditional audit of the financial statement, we carry out their invoice verifications, audits required for the attainment of the Donation Certificate and to be listed among the beneficiaries of donations.

When restructuring your company, audits may incur after mergers, demergers etc., which we also conduct regularly.

The NEXIA TU Wirtschaftsprüfungs GmbH has successfully participated in the quality assurance test according to the Auditor Supervisory Act (APAG) and is listed in the public register under number 160008 Audits must only be carried out by auditors, which have passed the quality assurance test. Our currently valid certificate applies until 24. August 2029.

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